September 6, 2022

Tech News LIVE Updates: Apple event, iPhone 14 launch, Apple Watch, asteroids, solar storms and more

Trouble brewing for Apple ahead of its big event

Big News: Apple has been asked to stop selling its iPhones without a charger in the box in Brazil. Here are all the details: Apple asked to STOP selling iPhones for shocking reason! What happens to iPhone 14?

What could be the iPhone 14 price in India?

We are just hours away from the big iPhone 14 launch, let us take a look at the expected iPhone 14 price in India. Check: iPhone 14 price in India on launch today? As excitement builds, know the new Apple iPhone expected rate

The Apple event to be held tonight

The Apple ‘Far Out’ event is expected to launch the iPhone 14 series and the Apple Watch Series 8. But what else can happen during the event? Find out: Apple ‘Far Out’ event: What to expect? iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, AirPods Pro 2; Know it all

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