May 13, 2022

Recent Commentary from Philosophers on Abortion and the Supreme Court

What are philosophers writing recently about abortion and the pending Supreme Court decision, drafted by Justice Samuel Alito, overturning Roe v. Wade and eliminating federal protections of abortion rights? I can keep a running list here, which I’ll update based on what people share via the comments on this post or email. “When Roe Falls” by Alec Walen at PEA Soup “The ‘Original Sin’ of the Religious Right” by Kathryn Pogin at Slate “What Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t understand about abortion” by Elizabeth Harman in the Daily News “What is ‘personhood’? The ethics question that needs a closer look in abortion debates” by Nancy S. Jecker at The Conversation Some data: “Global and Regional Estimates of Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion,” Guttmacher Institute (via Mark Lance) Related DN posts: “Philosophers On the Ethics and Politics of Abortion“; “The Philosophy and Politics of Early Abortion in the U.S.“; “The Professional Status of ‘Pro-Life’ Positions on Abortion.”
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