June 22, 2022

Milford Business Sparks Controversy with Political Sign

MILFORD, Del. – A politically charged message found Wednesday morning inside the entrance of E.K.A. Jewelers in Milford sparked some controversy in the town.

The message reads: “If you support President Biden, Governor Carney, or are Woke Liberal Democrat (sic.), we do no want your business! Go Away!! Shop Elsewhere!!”

Some Milford neighbors, like Destinee, find the message a turn-off.

“A lot of people actually support Biden, and if you don’t want us to shop there, we won’t and your business just won’t thrive,” Destinee sad.

For E.K.A. Jewelers owner Robert Addonizio, the sign is merely a free expression of his personal political views as a citizen and private business owner. He said the sign is not a refusal of service to anybody, whether they hold liberal political beliefs or not.

“If they want to walk in and do business with me, they’re going to be treated with respect,” Addonizio said. “I’m not going to throw anybody out; that’s not who we are.”

Some shoppers say, while the sign stirs up angry feelings, it’s part of the price of freedom.

“That’s what our grandfathers and fathers fought wars for. To give us that right. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion,” said Darrell, of Harrington, Del.

Addonizio said that he has received calls accusing him of racism. However, he added that has nothing to do with the sign or his message.

“The sign went up in response to the Second Amendment trampling that this government has just done,” Addonizio said, referring to recent gun control legislation passed in Delaware.

While some shoppers have questioned the wisdom of mixing politics and business, Addonisio said it has not hurt his business.

“Every time we take a political stance – usually conservative – business explodes,” Addonisio said.

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