May 25, 2022

Last Call for 5.25.22 — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics

Last Call — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics.

First Shot

Hurricane season starts in one week and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says Floridians should prepare now, especially with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting an “above-normal” amount of activity.

“With NOAA predicting the threat of up to 6 major hurricanes during the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Floridians must prepare immediately. Now is the time to ensure your home and business are adequately covered and you and your family have a disaster plan in place before a storm strikes,” Patronis said in a news release.

If a storm does hit the state, Patronis said his office stands ready to help homeowners navigate the insurance claims process. He also urged Floridians to be wary of contractors who swoop in after a storm, offering to make cash-only repairs or encouraging homeowners to enter an Assignment of Benefits agreement.

Floridians can view other tips to avoid falling victim to schemes through on, a website run by the CFO’s office. It includes resources such as an Emergency Preparedness Toolkit designed to help Floridians prepare a home inventory and organize their financial information, as well as guides to the insurance claims process.

Those who feel that they have been scammed can file a report at or call the state’s Insurance Fraud Hotline at 1-800-378-0445.

Evening Reads

—“More than 311,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine” via John Woodrow Cox, Steven Rich, Allyson Chiu, Hannah Thacker, Linda Chong, John Muyskens and Monica Ulmanu of The Washington Post

—“Florida politicians respond to deadly school shooting in Texas” via Jacob Ogles of Florida Politics

—“‘Not expecting much to change.’ Gun control bills ignored in Florida, ‘constitutional carry’ still in play” via Skyler Swisher and Jeffrey Schweers of the Orlando Sentinel

—“How Ron DeSantis could out-Trump Donald Trump all the way to the White House” via Steve Friess of Newsweek

—“Legislature passes Surfside-inspired condo inspection bill” via Renzo Downey of Florida Politics

—“Seminole election fraud charges emerging from investigation of very small campaign” via Scott Powers of Florida Politics

—“Florida GOP candidate’s bisexual daughter slams mom in viral video” via Jacob Ogles of the Advocate

—“Al Lawson: Cord Byrd brings Trump philosophy to State Department” via Renzo Downey of Florida Politics

—“Nearly 40% of Floridians are missing bill payments, concerned about rising housing, insurance costs” via Kelly Hayes of Florida Politics

—“‘We’ve been down that path’: How South Florida has stepped up school safety measures after the Parkland shooting” via Brooke Baitinger and Eileen Kelley of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

—“UF scientists address where climate change and invasive species meet” via Wes Wolfe of Florida Politics

Quote of the Day

“People talk about coming to Tallahassee and it being too political, but this is real policy with real change affecting real families in the past but also in the future. So, when you guys leave this chamber today, do it with your head up high, because you’re doing something that most people can only dream of. You’re making real change.”

— Rep. Daniel Perez, as lawmakers approved post-Surfside condo reforms.

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