June 24, 2022

Google Chrome: Check these 6 new features coming to iOS

Chrome has been updating its iOS browser app to bring new features to iPhone and iPad users. New updates coming to Chrome on iOS over the next few weeks will bring six new features to the popular browser, including a built-in password manager, Enhanced Safe Browsing and more.

These features, spotted first by Digital Trends, are set to make browsing with Chrome easier, safer and more convenient. Check out all about them below.

Enhanced Safe Browsing

With a new Enhanced Safe Browsing option, users are protected from phishing attacks and malware. Whenever a user is entering personal credentials into a webpage, Chrome will alert users with a warning if their username or password has been compromised.

The feature was already present on Chrome for Android and Windows, but is now also coming to iOS. Users will be able to turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing by heading into Chrome > More > Settings > Enhanced Safe Browsing and toggling the option on.

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Password Manager

Chrome is also adding an improved password manager experience for users who will no longer need to use a separate password managing app or the built-in iOS password manager if they want. Google Password Manager on iOS will allow Chrome to create, store and fill in your passwords on any website or app.

Discover new content

A new Discover feature will help users find new content that they may be interested in, and may have missed if they haven’t used Chrome for a while. This feature will also later be coming to Android users using the Chrome browser.

Updated language identification model

Google will soon use on-device machine learning to make websites available in your preferred language automatically. This feature will not process your personal data outside your device to keep your privacy intact, and will work using an updated Google language identification model.

New three-dot menu

Chrome is also updating the three-dot menu on iOS to make using the browser easier. Options like Bookmarks or Reading List will now be higher up in the vertical three-dot menu.

Address Bar actions

A new Address Bar actions feature will let users quickly type out frequent actions into the address bar and Chrome will list out shortcuts for the same in the results. For instance, users will be able to search for something like “delete history” and find a shortcut listed below to clear their recent browsing data.

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