June 1, 2022

A ‘stress test of our democracy’ will play out in 2024, political reporters say

Americans are still living through a stress test of democracy in wake of the Trump presidency and transition to the Biden presidency, New York Times reporters told Jim Braude on Greater Boston. They say we will see how that test plays out as soon as 2024.

Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, New York Times reporters and the authors of “This Will Not Pass,” which examines the 2020 election and the first year of the Biden presidency, said many GOP lawmakers still support Trump because they believe their voters still support Trump.

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“This is an example of the leaders following the voters when it comes to Trump and the GOP,” Martin said, adding that many Republican leaders do not believe the 2020 election was stolen, as Trump has claimed.

“We are still living through this stress test of our democracy and we’re going to see how it plays out potentially as soon as 2024,” Martin said.

Republicans have paid the price for Trump’s missteps, as the party lost the presidential election and both chambers of Congress in 2020. Burns said Democrats can still capitalize on this, but haven’t figured out how to do so yet.

“If you believe the Republican party is fundamentally broken and fundamentally dangerous because it’s in thrall to this disgraced former demagogue Donald Trump, then the burden is that much higher on the governing Democrats to show the American people that there is another way,” Burns said.

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